Our Video Editing Includes the Following

  • Shot Sequencing
  • Decluttering Footage
  • Stabilizing Drone Footage
  • Defective Pixel Correction
  • Color Correction
  • Brightness & Contrast Adjustment
  • Contrast Adjustments

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Real Estate Video Editing Service

Video editing refers to the manipulation and arrangement of video shots, and it is usually used to structure and present all video information.

It is quite prominently used in films, television shows, video advertisements and video essays.

  • While video editing has been dramatically democratized in recent years by editing software available for personal computers, editing video can be rather difficult and unnecessarily tedious- especially for amateur videographers.

  • Our editing services for video editing include creating a flow for the story you're trying to tell through the videos.

  • We can best do this by removing unwanted footage or editing out a few scene elements, choosing the best shots as well as footage to go into the final output, arranging and rearranging the sequence of videos and sometimes adding effects, filters and additional elements such as CGI to the finished product.

  • Most videos serve an important purpose like telling a story, or sometimes providing information and editing is a crucial step in making sure that the video flows in a way that achieves all of these goals properly.

  • It is common knowledge that you can improve most videos by adding a few extra elements and giving them a little extra attention, and our editors at BlenderPic aim to do just that!





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We provide wide range of services from Real estate photo editing, video editing, floor plans & Portrait Editing

Real Estate Editings

Single Image, HDR, Flash, Days to Dusk, Twilight, Object Removal & More

Floor Plans/Site Plans

Get Floor Plans & Site Plans designed by engineers from dubai & Malaysia.

Video Editing

Drone & Camera Video Editing with subtitles, title cards with elegant music and visually impressive editings for your projects

Virtual Staging

Get Your Empty Rooms, Kitchens, Halls staged with furnitues, TVs & Utilities


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